We’ve talked a great deal in this title over the last three to four years about how the revenue models of organisations are changing beyond recognition. This revolution is not restricted to the commercial sector, housing associations, local government, the military and the NHS have all expressed through these pages how funds are not only smaller, but coming from diverse new sources. In business markets are being changed by an increased rivalry for what spare money consumers and clients have. As we have detailed, new challenger services can at times be far more appealing as they often are closer to the genuine needs of the customers they wish to serve.

Throughout the turmoil of change, be it digital or austerity led, one thing will remain true. Organisations – of whatever type – that have and understand a strong community will survive and in my opinion thrive.

Recent history is littered with organisations that are no longer with us as a result of the change in our society; although the change in revenue models and poor management was of course a major part in their demise. But not being relevant; or even part of a community, played its part too.

Being part of a community is challenging as communities survive through mutual respect and understanding.

Therefore any organisation that neglects its community in the name of revenue or takes liberties with its community to reduce costs or hit targets will find it harder year on year to remain relevant.

In recent years we have seen how the CIO community has moved to expecting its technology providers to become partners, not suppliers. A growing number of CIOs talk about the relationships they have become outcome led partnerships. The result is that both parties more often than not prosper from the relationship and from the observation deck of the CIO 100 it appears that these partnerships are longer lasting than the previous era.

Together transformational CIOs and their partners are forming an alliance that becomes part of the community they both now take part in.

Community is the single word mission statement for this title we’re here first and fore mostly for the community of business technology leaders in the UK.