Perhaps it's because they are bloggers, but the CIOs who have embraced blogging seem to have one similar thing on their minds - new technology. All of them are spending any spare thinking capacity cogitating the impact of new technology on the wider world - which in most cases means business.

Steve Clayton, a Microsoft blogger, has been studying recent research from a PR agency about the impact of Twitter. The graphics he's sourced are thought provoking and interesting. Of course anything from a PR agency, especially when it's called "research" must be questioned. There has been a lot of coverage given to Twitter of late, but few are seeing any value from it just yet, other than Stephen Fry. Some are saying it will do for RSS, but then, did RSS ever really take off?

For the propeller heads amongst you, Phil Windley's blog is a pure delight at the moment. He has taken the time to describe in great detail how he got a project out of the door on time using virtual machines and the methodology he used to create them. I'll be honest, much of it went over my head, but having the skills of a craftsman revealed is always a pleasure.
Reading this is like watching a blacksmith work.

Luckily for MI6 this month's Wimbledon finals was a thriller that filled the pages of the media the following day. But the swimwear choices of the next head of the intelligence service made waves on Monday and as a security expert Guy Bunker at Symantec provides some solid advice. "This is really about privacy and not putting too much personal data on the net which can be used to your detriment...this is a time to review what is out there and whether you want it to be. Not just what you, or your spouse have published - but what friends have as well. Your online reputation is up to you - other can influence it, but you need to keep an eye on it. What you post today could effect [sic] you tomorrow, or next year or in ten years time." All well put and correct, bar the effect!