Government CIO John Suffolk has joined the blogosphere with a personal and thought provoking account of what it's like being the CIO for Her Majesty's Government.

Suffolk's blog is free of civil service branding and is very much a personal contribution to the CIO and IT community. He has two strands of subject so far in the four postings he's made, these being to update people on what he's up to day-to-day as the government CIO and his thoughts on technology and its role in the public sector.

His ideas on enterprise resource planning (ERP) being a transactional process demonstrate exactly why CIOs should blog. I won't repeat his theory, go and visit for yourself, but the posting on The future of the IT industry, reveals the deep technology understanding CIOs have and the utilisation of IT in organisations. CIOs should blog confidently because unlike vendors they know about the usage of applications and they look at things from a five or 10 year cycle that will deliver a return on investment and improvements to the organisation. I have yet to read a vendor blog that clearly demonstrated this level of business understanding and the reason being they are sales focussed organisations who look at everything as a new product they can quickly get to market and meet sales targets from.

The abrupt, but straight to the point nature of John Suffolk is clear in his writing. But from the off he's tackling big issues and there is no better way to tackle big issues than straight on with honesty. He doesn't shy away from the increasingly utility nature of IT and how this could reduce the influence of CIOs and he has some bold thoughts on developing a government cloud and how such initiatives will deliver increased savings for the public sector.