Maybe it's because I'm married to a Business Analyst at a major insurance software provider. Or maybe it's  because I've a background in motorsport and now mountain biking, but testing things before they hit "track" is something I fully appreciate.  

As a result, when the CIO columnist Richard Sykes approached me to chair a breakfast for CIOs discussing software and systems testing I jumped at the idea.

The breakfast is next week and I'm keen to get some great debate amongst the CIO community going on the issue of system and software testing. Experimentus, a consultancy in the area, have penned a new report which will form part of the discussion. If you like to attend, let me know.

In these faster moving times, faced with determined competition, a business that can invest resource for a purpose, and know with confidence that its objectives will be met, is a business that can act with determination. One key dimension of the contemporary business' investment is in new & updated operational systems & software. At Experimentus we believe that the established discipline of (software and systems) Testing needs a radical overhaul if such business confidence is genuinely to be earned in the future.

We have set out the case that the Testing profession is at this critical juncture, in a new White Paper 'Hidden Costs in the Development Lifecycle'. The paper also details proposals for the essential features of a new Testing professionalism.

We write to invite you to a working breakfast of a small and select group of senior management at which we will seek your critical response to our analysis and our proposals.

Mark Chillingworth, Editor in Chief, CIO, will introduce the agenda: the paper's two authors, Geoff Thompson and Richard Sykes will then detail & explain our thinking - and Mark will then lead what we hope will be a focused and detailed debate.

Geoff Thompson, a founder member of the International Software Testing Qualification Board (ISTQB). Currently the Chair of The UK Testing Board, Chair of the Management Committee of the TMMi Foundation and the Consultancy Director for Experimentus.

Richard Sykes, a former global Group CIO, is Chair of the Board of the TMMi Foundation, and an elected Board member of Intellect, the UK association of the IT, Telecoms and Electronics industries.

The breakfast will be held on Tuesday 14th December at the Board Room at Experimentus' offices at 17 Dorset Square, Marylebone, NW1 6QB - close to Marylebone and Baker Street stations. Registration from 07:30 for a 08:00 start, and closure by 10:00/10:30.