December of course calls you as the editor to look ahead to a new year. The closing weeks and months of 2013 have been busy for my team and I and we have spent a great deal of time with the CIO community. And one major observation comes from this year and the time spent within the community. 2014 cannot be another year of more of the same.  

By this I mean that talking of recovery and constantly demanding growth alone will not sustain our organisations through next year or beyond. It is tantamount to arrogance for leaders to be talking of a recovery when an analysis of the wider economy across Europe, Australia, parts of Asia and the US is far from healthy. There may have been a few upright baby steps in the British economy according to some, but as any parent knows, those steps can wobble and tumble at the slightest inclination.

Too much of the rhetoric about recovery tends towards a return to ways and operations from the recent past, the same ways and operations that got us into this mess. Whether it is lending; house and road building, energy supply or the use of technology, there is too much focus on more of the same.

Discussing with CIOs on the complex issues facing their teams around mobility, cloud computing, data analytics and staff leadership has made it abundantly clear to me that the very top tier of leadership in the UK is not prepared for or able to realise the cultural shift affecting their organisations, markets and country. Organisations and society must change their cultural attitudes to what growth, sustainability; customer relations, products and service delivery are if they are to walk consistently without falling.

I have met a number of CIOs recently that are engaged and inspired by the next generation of consumers and workers and these CIOs are looking to incorporate their lessons from the next generation into the organisation, only to find a legacy attitude from the business. Ironic when you think of the legacy technology balancing act CIOs play out.
New ideas will sustain a new year if we are all bold enough to take that step together.