"What is shadow IT? It is people using technology to try to get their jobs done, and who am I to stand in their way?" Barry Smith, Head of IT at architectural house founded by Lord Norman Foster told me in his CIO Profile interview last year. It was a quote on the shadowy topic that really cast light on the challenge CIOs face.

Later this month I have the pleasure of working with Centrica CIO Rod Carr to discuss this topic in the latest CIO UK event. I'm writing to invite you the CIO audience to join Carr and I at this event to really discuss challenges and opportunities presented to CIOs and their organisations by Shadow IT, Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) and Security. These three closely linked issues are placing increasing demands on the strategies of CIOs and how today's business technology leaders can enable their organisation.

With users now critical consumers of advanced technology in their personal lives there is a rising demand for devices such as tablets to be used within the enterprise. Again, this trend poses a threat and opportunity for CIOs. This event will discuss the benefits of mandates on Mobile Device Management or whether BYOD has a place in the modern regulated enterprise.

You can register for the event here at the CIO UK events page.