There's something about September that heralds a clean start, it may because the kids are starting or going back to school. It seems that come the first week of September there is a sense of urgency and business, added to by the congested roads and clogged trains as parents return to work.

But let's not be negative about September, the summer has been great and it's been largely a good one weather wise, the Aussies went home empty handed and Wimbledon was a classic, but it does get a little lethargic and by late August many if not all of us are looking forward to the background hum of activity returning to our organisations.

This brings me onto what to expect from CIO UK from September onwards, there has been no lethargy here and we have a host of new things to inform and hopefully entertain CIOs. Later this week we have our second piece of major research conducted in conjunction with Harvey Nash. Following on from the CIO Branding report from earlier this year, we are in a positive mood and have conducted some research titled: Leadership out of the downturn. Using the close relationships CIO UK and Harvey Nash have with CIOs we've pulled together some interesting thought leadership on the subject.

This is followed a week later by a podcast interview of Albert Ellis and John Whiting of Harvey Nash where they offer their expert guidance on how to lead your team and IT strategy as organisations prepare for better times ahead. 

A research team has been crunching through the heavy numbers and is finalising the definitive list of CIOs in the UK as I write this. The editorial team is composing a new style of entry for each of the 100 organisations.

We also been honing the site over the summer, Editor in Chief Martin Veitch now blogs every day on the trends in the tech sector he sees. We will have some new columnists joining the Opinion channel during the autumn, the News and In Depth channels grow and grow with more and more content going online daily.

Lastly, I'd like to thank all of you in the CIO UK community. The CIOs who generously share their time to discuss the latest issues are making the Debate channel a valued resource and to all of you that take the time to read our articles, follow us on Twitter and comment on articles and blog postings, a very big thank you. Our traffic is growing and we've had a record August in a slow market in mid-summer. I hope you continue to enjoy our articles, register for our bespoke Analysis and enjoy the community spirit of CIO UK.