Just today the Office for National Statistics said steep energy bills in December 2012 kept UK inflation high. Well if household energy bills are high, even a humble editor knows it's the same story for business. Rising energy bills has kept the annual cost of living high in the UK, and that means consumers have less spare money for buying your goods and services.

Rising energy costs is on top of organisations in hospitality, retail and the public sector reporting additional costs incurred in the last 12 months from the record levels or rain and poor weather.

At CIO UK we believe technology is one of the key tools available to organisations and communities to tackle continued damage to our environment and to lower our energy usage.

Sustainability is not just about the environment. In the current world economy organisations cannot themselves be sustained if energy, food or raw material costs continue to increase. 

As ever CIOs are at the forefront of transforming organisations to be more sustainable and some have already shared their experiences with us. If you are a CIO cutting energy costs or similar we'd like to interview you about some of the sustainability-related aspects of your work?

It would take 20-30 minutes on the phone with CIO author David Tebbutt, plus a post-interview fact-checking email. We'd really like to learn what you've done that you've found interesting enough to share with your peers.

CIOs at easyJet, London 2012 Olympic and Paralympics Games and Colt have already described the strategies that they have put in place to make their organisations more sustainable in every way, you can read these stories here:



London 2012




Please contact CIO Editor in Chief Mark Chillingworth at mark_chillingworth@idg.co.uk if you'd like to share your story.