The latest edition of CIO is the last issue to be curated by Managing Editor Rhys Lewis. As Editor it is a massive blow to see someone of Rhys’s talent leave, but as a teammate for the last five years, I’m also delighted for him as I know he will excel and climb new summits.

Rhys has been a fantastic colleague over those five years. The current design of CIO and its editorial standards have been led by Rhys, who very much lives up to the job title of Managing Editor: he managed this editor well, collaborated with Art Editor Bob Cree on the redesign and over the years has provided valued input to our online usability and social network presence. His skills at crafting a good headline in print seamlessly transferred to tweeting the conversations at the CIO events, and as an editor who places great emphasis on being a writer and on working with great writers, it is a pleasure to watch a professional polish your prose.

But change can fuel transformation. Our readership often has to react to developments in its workforce and in its markets and to challenges from its clients. As soon as I knew there would be changes in my team my initial thought was ‘We can’t continue in this way, let’s try something different’ – a management lesson I’ve picked up from our readers.

We are seeing a growing level of movement in the jobs market in all sectors. Staff resignations are a rough but useful bellwether of the state of the nation. A number of CIOs reveal that key staff is proving hard to retain: your team has weathered the storm and stood loyal, but now they desire opportunity again.

All organisations need to assess their key assets – the people they employ and the real products they offer. No amount of marketing fluff or consultant confusion can replace a strong product and good people. Alongside these difficult times there has been an undercurrent of change taking place in our world; CIOs are aware of it and are well placed to help organisations adapt to it because if we don’t, those nimble, forward-thinking organisations that have been keeping an eye on your talent and are now recruiting it will also steal your market share in an instant.