It is widely accepted that although difficult at times, the diversity in UK society has been beneficial to this country.  

Based on CIO round table events and a slew of recent interviews, it looks as if the enterprise application landscape is about to go through a diversity transformation akin to that British society witnessed following the Second World War. 

For many in the technology world, whether they be vendors or business technology leaders this is going to be a difficult journey at times. Established and lucrative revenue models for technology provision will go through the levels of upheaval being witnessed in retail and travel at present and previously seen in the music industry. I doubt technology companies will be consigned to history in the same way as certain retail brands have been, after all the original heritage of all vendors and IT organisation is to instigate change, for many though, rediscovering the appetite for change may be hard. 

Tablet devices, Smartphones and the consumerisation of IT trend has changed the way end users interact with technology and therefore the relationship end users have with the CIO and the IT department. 

This is my personal analysis from the CIOs I meet and discuss these topics with, so not a scientific survey, but we do spend a lot of time with the CIO community. CIOs will seek a more diverse application landscape rather than rely on large monolithic suits of applications from a single provider in the very near future.  

Increasingly in the CIO profile interviews I carry out I hear of organisations switching part of their organisation to Google Apps or other cloud based productivity tools. Many report good value for the organisation as a result.  

Microsoft Office on every desktop for every user may not be the application landscape of the near future. This is not to say that CIO's won't have a Microsoft component to their strategy, many see parts of the organisation being Microsoft strongholds for many years to come. A number of CIOs have commended Microsoft for improving its relationship management of their accounts and willingness to negotiate. 

Any wholesale change to the landscape that has become the norm is difficult to accept, but if we accept that a diverse society is beneficial to all of us, then a diverse and vibrant technology world will be beneficial too. 

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