“All good things come to those that wait”, so the saying goes, and the re-development of the CIO UK website seems to have lived up to this maxim. The new-look CIO has been taking shape for some time now and it really is wonderful to write this and watch the site make its first wobbly pedal strokes out into the real world.

The first thing that struck me - and hopefully you the reader too - is the visual power of the new title. We’ve always invested in and been proud of the imagery and photography we use in our CIO print and event products, but the previous website just didn’t match the image strength. Not so now and it is a real credit to our Senior Online Designer Joanne Sperryn for putting so much imagination and visual strength into our new site.

We’ve also decided to wear our hearts on our sleeves and put the CIO UK mission statement in the title masthead: Informing the UK’s business technology leaders. There are many in the peripheral parts of the CIO community who struggle to understand the CIO as a role and our role as an information resource and community hub. I hope that by putting a clear mission statement up there and by stating that we are for CIOs and that we are clear that business technology requires leadership, that the confusion will abate.

A major part of this re-design was the rationalisation of our structure and navigation. With the benefit of nearly four years of experience from the last iteration of CIO UK online, we now know that our CIO Profiles, CIO 100 and thought-provoking opinion pieces are the most highly sought after articles we have. So we have rationalised and grouped these into distinct channels to make the user experience all the more rewarding. In Blogs you will find all the columnists from our print edition such as Autonomy founder Mike Lynch, former ICI CIO Richard Sykes, our resident legal expert Alistair Maughan and Jerry Fishenden’s ever watchful eye on Whitehall IT. There is also powerful thinking from Ade McCormack, Rik Ferguson, the CIO editorial team, industry group CEB, and analysts Freeform Dynamics and KPMG.

As the CIO community and product range grows and grows my role as Editor in Chief has – sadly – put me at a slight distance from our online product, but I’ve had the luxury of knowing that the talents and ambitions of those involved in the re-launch ensured it was in safe hands. A special thank you must go to the already mentioned talents of Joanne. The CIO editorial team of Rhys Lewis and new Online Editor Edward Qualtrough guaranteed that the same exacting standards that craft our existing titles shape the online title, and last but not least my thanks go to Margo Tiffen and the IDG development team for all their efforts.

As ever with a re-launch there may be some glitches. If you discover any, please feel free to contact me at: [email protected].