The 2016 CIO Summit takes place on September 22 and it has been a privilege to have been able to put together an agenda with the support and goodwill of so many CIOs and technology and business leaders who are contributing their experience, time and expertise in making the seventh annual CIO Summit happen. Exclusively for CIOs by CIOs, the CIO Summit is a platform and conference for CIOs, CTOs and IT directors to share knowledge, ideas, and career advice - and to discuss challenges and opportunities with your peers. We hope you find the agenda relevant and that conversations you have with each other are fruitful.

[2016 CIO Summit speakers and agenda]

I have been fortunate enough to have been privy to each CIO Summit since 2012 and from an editorial perspective have been tracking some of the trends and themes relevant to the CIO role on a quantitative as well as a qualitative basis. Having seen discussions move from all-important technology transformation projects and into digital leadership, 2016 has seen plenty of discussion around the CIO and innovation leadership. Some of the 2016 CIO Summit itinerary is thus deliberately provocative in looking at the horizon and focusing on what are perhaps some of the emerging aspects of the role.

The 2016 CIO Summit agenda has some distinct themes and styles. In the morning two strands will look at innovation and the CIO involvement with startups and digital ecosystems, as well as the business leadership and change management aspects of the CIO role in 'getting outside of IT'.

Last year's successful Masterclass sessions are continued and after the lunch break we have CIOs and industry experts leading discussions on areas immediately pragmatic to the CIO including Brexit, diversity, going 100% cloud and being able to influence a board at an executive level.

As such, and for the lack of a better term, the strategy for the 2016 CIO Summit agenda could be described as Bimodal! We hope that stories around leadership and innovation projects inspire, and that you are able to learn from the Masterclass sessions which can form part of your development as a CIO.

Again, thanks in advance for your involvement as a speaker or delegate; the 2016 CIO Summit is yours to engage, listen, learn, share, network and enjoy. We hope you find it as useful as we have enjoyed creating this platform.

Places are limited but to register for the event you can click here or email [email protected].